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What does it mean to “follow Jesus?”

We’d like to think our church has much to offer your family; but when it comes down to it, the only thing we have to offer that can change your life is Jesus Christ. That’s why we're on a mission to help all people find and follow Jesus.

And because we believe four daily decisions mark committed followers of Jesus, we want to help every person take the next step in deciding to follow Jesus wherever they are. We summarize these faith actions as worship, grow, serve, and go. Here’s what they look like.

I see God for Who He is and respond accordingly…

…by adoring and reverencing Him, by spending time reading the Bible and praying, and by regularly gathering with others in my church as we all seek to better know God and acknowledge His greatness together.

I actively pursue a deepening relationship with God… regularly studying the Bible both for myself and in community with others through small groups in my church. This growth will help me to wisely steward all of my resources by faith; to develop qualities of spiritual leadership in order to serve God according to His plan for me; and to learn how to navigate the difficulties and struggles of life with wisdom, grace, and joy.

I reflect God’s love by responding to the spiritual and physical needs of others… willingly sacrificing my time or resources. I can meet the physical and emotional needs in my church by feeding, visiting, and caring for those in need. I can meet the spiritual needs by teaching and discipling others into a deeper relationship with people in our church family but ultimately with God.

I personally and regularly share the gospel with others…

...both in my community and around my world. I can go by inviting people I meet to attend a worship service at my church; by studying to present the gospel in a variety of situations; by compassionately meeting the needs of hurting people in our community; by participating in church-wide evangelistic opportunities, foreign and domestic; by encouraging career missionaries in their fields of ministry; and by exploring how God wants me to fulfill the Great Commission with my life.