18 Year Olds and Up

Thursdays at 7 PM & Sundays at 9 AM

At First Baptist Church of Milford our mission is to develop fully-committed followers of Jesus. We believe in not only teaching this to our young adults but also giving them opportunities to teach others out of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We meet twice a week as well as regular activities that allow us to learn of God’s truths and live God’s truths. Our young adult’s ministry exists for the purpose of studying God's truths together, living out God's truths in our lives, and sharing God's truths with others.

Young Adult Sunday and Midweek Bible Study

FBCM Young Adults meet on Sundays at 9 AM and Thursdays at 7 PM semi-regularly. The Sunday meetings provide fellowship together around God’s Word and service opportunites. The Thursday meetings allow us to collectively share what God is teaching us in our personal study throughout the week.

Activities and Service Opportunities

Regularly throughout the year, FBCM Young Adults will have activities and service opportunities. This includes going out to eat as a group after-church services to a week-end recreational activity. These activities are a great time for us to build relationships. We also participate in service opportunities that allow us to show the love of Christ to those around us. These events are announced and scheduled on our Connect FBCM Young Adults calendar and details are given out weekly in our young adults group.
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Have questions? Contact our Young Adults Director Andy Horner