Founder - Steve Curington

Most people would say I had the perfect upbringing. My Christian family attended church nearly every Sunday and put me through Christian School. However, within two years after graduation, I was addicted to cocaine and alcohol. Addiction stripped me of all self-esteem, a prosperous career, and crippled me with debt. At the age of 28, I nearly died in a drunk driving accident. With a punctured lung quickly drowning me in my own blood, I cried out to God, "I don't want to die!" My memory went blank from that point on. A lifesaving call to 911 rescued me from death. Later I would find the reasons for God's divine intervention that night. Three months later I stepped back into the church where I had worshipped as a child. That is when God began to change my life. The lessons learned over the next six months are detailed during our meetings. At Reformers Unanimous we teach the different steps that lead to blessings from God. For me those blessings consist of a beautiful wife I met in church, our precious children, a debt free life style, and an executive position in the petroleum industry. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you... the unknown person who saved my life by calling 911 nearly two years earlier... miraculously ended up to be the mother... of my future wife. Praise God!

Reformers Program

Reformers Unanimous began in 1996 in Rockford, Illinois. Today there are over 670 Chapters internationally. It continues to be the fastest growing faith based addictions program. Thousands are finding freedom through the RU program! RU is now available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Milford Chapter

The Milford Chapter of RU was formed June 11, 2004. We have seen steady growth and currently average over 130 students every Thursday night. Every Thursday night we hear testimonies of victory, restoration, and blessings. You will find a warm and inviting environment. You will meet people who love you and support you. You will leave with a new found hope!