As I reflect upon parenting, my mind floods back to the days when my children were very young. Some of the best memories for me as a parent were when my children would hold their daddy's hand. Holding on to their daddy's hand meant safety, security, and confidence to them. I miss those days when they were reliant upon me as their daddy.

As I reflected upon these memories, I could not help but think about the hands of Jesus. I wonder if little baby Jesus held His parents' hands at a young age? I first began to think of His hands as He learned the trade of His earthly father, a carpenter. The same hands that held His carpenter tools would be the same hands that would bless the crowds as they passed by, multiply the loaves, and touch the blind.

1. Christ's hands are restoring hands.
Christ was moved by compassion and reached forth His hand to touch the leper in Mark 1:41.
Christ touched the blind man's eyes and his eyesight was restored in Mark 8:23.
Christ touched the servant's ear and healed him when Peter cut off his ear in Luke 22:51.

2. Christ's hands are reaching hands.
Christ reached out to Peter on the raging sea in Matthew 14:29-31.
Christ reached for the children and put His hands on them and blessed them in Mark 10:16.

3. Christ's hands are redeeming hands.
Christ stretched forth His arms and willingly laid His hands down to be nailed to the cross.
Christ showed His nail-pierced hands unto His disciples in Mark 24:39-40.

I don't know what you are facing in your life today; however, I do know one thing: We are never too far from the restoring, reaching, and redeeming hands of Christ. These hands can touch the lost and wayward heart; they can mend lives that have been torn apart; and more importantly, they can wash a sinner clean. He is reaching out to you today. All you need to do is reach out to Him and take hold of those precious hands.


Written by Brian Ragle
Administrator - MCA
November 28, 2018