Some time ago, while reading in the book of 2 Kings, the Lord showed me a great example of true revival. Please consider a few parallels to revival from this passage in our weekly devotional.

Revival occurs only when we are willing to make repairs.

2 Kings 22:5, "And let them deliver it into the hand of the doers of the work, that have the oversight of the house of the LORD: and let them give it to the doers of the work which is in the house of the LORD, to repair the breaches of the house,"

In the 22nd chapter of 2 Kings, we find that the southern kingdom of Judah has made Josiah their king. Josiah finds that there are breaches in the temple. These breaches have existed for a while and desperately needed repair. Josiah was willing to get the work done. What is the application? "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, ..." (1 Corinthians 3:16). When breaches exist in our life, we must be willing to take part in reconstruction. Every believer must be willing to make necessary repairs to the temple of God.

Revival can occur no matter what needs repaired.

2 Kings 22:6, "Unto carpenters, and builders, and masons, and to buy timber and hewn stone to repair the house."

Apparently the temple needed considerable repair. They called the carpenters, and the foundation workers, and the masons to facilitate repairs to the temple. 2 Chronicles 34:11 best reveals the extent of the damage. "Even to the artificers and builders gave they it, to buy hewn stone, and timber for couplings, and to floor the houses which the kings of Judah had destroyed." The Hebrew term "floor" in this verse means to build beams. The builders had to erect beams because the walls were falling down. If we truly believe that we are the temple of God, then there is a great truth to be learned from this passage. It does not matter where you are in life, God can conduct repair!

Revival can occur no matter what the repairs cost.

2 Kings 22:7, "Howbeit there was no reckoning made with them of the money that was delivered into their hand, because they dealt faithfully."

It was not even necessary to reconcile the cost of repairing the temple. The workers did not keep track of how much money was being spent. It was a matter of faith. The work was going to be accomplished, regardless of the expense. They "... dealt faithfully." Obviously, diminished faith hinders revival. Sometimes it is not that we lack faith in God to make repairs. Sometimes we simply fail to trust God to take care of our needs as we conduct repair. Our human nature is to think we cannot go without things that we have become accustomed to. Satan's agents attempt to deceive us into thinking that we just cannot do without sin. We lack the faith in God to fill the void.

Clearly, there can be no revival until we are willing to make repairs to the temple of God. Surely revival can and must occur, regardless of where we are in our walk with the Lord and regardless of how much it might cost the believer to bring about repair!


Written by David Williamson
Vice President - BSWE
April 4, 2018