At the start of 2020, Pastor Duttry announced our theme for the year: Continue in the Word. In essence, his message was this. Our church and our families have been faithful in God's Word thus far - both to obey it and to distribute it. But we must continue in that faithfulness to God's Word.

Many of you, like my family, committed to read through the New Testament together. It has been a joy to hear the testimonies from others. But I have also enjoyed the discussions that came from this in our own home as our kids, each at their own level, asked questions about our reading. Along the way, it was also a tremendous blessing to see how God orchestrated the chapters we needed most at just the right time.

No doubt each of us has seen our share of challenges this year. But along the way, I have also seen more than my share of God's faithfulness in my life and in our church. God has been faithful to His Word!

A few weeks back, I was overwhelmed at the thought of this Scripture. Psalm 119:161 says, "... but my heart standeth in awe of thy word."

As we approach Christmas Day, I want my heart to be in awe of God's Word. As I approach the new year, I want my heart to be in awe of God's Word. Victory in a great many of the spiritual and emotional challenges we face in life is determined by whether or not we are in awe of God's Word.

Are you in awe of God's Word? Our church began the year with this thought: Continue in the Word. Personally, I have finished the year with this thought: In Awe of God's Word. It never ceases to amaze me how faithful God is to His Word. And Christmas - the birth of Jesus - is only one such example of God's faithfulness to His Word.

Merry Christmas!


Written by Edward Barclay
December 23, 2020