Thank you for reading this devotional today. This Sunday, August 9, is our annual I Believe Sunday. This day started about 10-12 years ago. It is the day we will give either a one-time gift or a weekly/monthly offering for Milford Christian Academy and Biblical School of World Evangelism. Please pray for each of these two ministries of our church which are committed to Biblical, God-honoring teaching in order to develop young people and young adults for Himself.

With children or grandchildren in mind, I turn our attention today to Deuteronomy. Today's passages are in chapter 6, verses 4-9 and chapter 11, verses 18-21. From chapter 11, I see these thoughts to challenge, encourage, and direct us today:

  1. Verse 18. Put them in my heart. As a parent or grandparent, it is important that I fill my heart with the Word of God. What is in comes out - in my heart, my soul, my very being, my spirit, my demeanor, my attitude, and my actions - every day, every moment!
  2. Verse 19. Put them in the heart of my child or grandchild. The best teacher is one who lives what they teach. A picture is worth a thousand words, but words are etched in the mind of a child by what they see and hear - not just what they hear. As they mature, our children have etched in their minds an example of godly committed living for the Lord in His Word.
  3. Verse 20. Be public with your heart for the Lord. Let others know that today you have been in the Word of God and in prayer. When Moses came down from mount Sinai, his face shone from being with God. Let that be true of us today.

So a quick reminder:

  1. Put the Word of God in your heart.
  2. Put the Word of God in your child or grandchild's heart.
  3. Put out a public example to others of your time with the Lord - in prayer and in the Book.

Have a great day in Him today. Please know that your Pastor loves you and loves the Lord.

Continue in the Word!


Written by Dr. Bill Duttry
August 5, 2020