In Psalm 3, we see David on the run for his life. Many think that this Psalm was written later in David's life while he was on the run from his son, Absalom, as Absalom was trying to overthrow David and usurp the throne of Israel. Others think that this Psalm was written earlier in David's life before he began to reign as king and Saul was chasing him. Either way, the premise of the Psalm is still the same - David is in real danger for his life and is fleeing real enemies.

These enemies are not just the kind that called him a name or argued with him on Facebook. These are real life and death scenarios where David literally had reason to fear for his life. Most of us don't ever encounter these sorts of situations, but we do have problems and situations that beat us down and seem to chase us endlessly. The beauty of this Psalm is that if David could find protection and comfort in these life-threatening situations, then surely we can find God to be good when we face adversity in life.

Read all of Psalm 3 (it's only 8 verses) and then come back to the first 3 verses. This is where I want to stop and meditate today.

First, I notice that David addresses his problem to his Lord. God knows what David is encountering, but David still turns to God and has a personal conversation with Him. David pours his heart out to his God. Far too often, I take my problems everywhere except to God, but He ought to be the first place I turn in time of trouble.

Next, I see that David is honest about what his problem is. David realizes that there is no reason to hold anything back from God. There is no reason to "sugar-coat" the situation to the Lord, as He knows all things. We tend to lean to one side or the other in identifying the problems in our lives. Either we make the situation sound smaller than it really is ... or we magnify it and make it a bigger problem than it really is. When we minimize the situation, we are telling God that we have it all under control and can handle what is going on - in essence, we are telling Him that we don't really need His help. When we exaggerate a situation, we are focusing on ourselves and inviting discouragement into our lives.

Finally, I see that David understands the true source of his help. David properly identifies the Lord as his shield. He comprehends the nature of God's power and protection. If he is going to survive the attacks against him, he must fall behind God's shield and allow God to be his help. David calls God his glory. The fact is that David had nothing to boast of in himself and his own strength. This time of attack highlighted the fact that he desperately needed God and God was the lifter of his head. David acknowledged that God gives hope in desperate times. In difficulties, we need to determine to rely on God's protection for safety and hope in life.

Life is full of difficulty, but God is full of goodness and mercy. Choose to depend on Him today.


Written by Corey Knopf
July 22, 2020