Hebrews 11

I pray you are excited about what God has planned for today, even if you don't know what it is. Time has shown that God's way is always the best way. I pray you are able to see Him greater today.

All of us face different seasons in life. I have learned this lesson in my short life ... most people are either in the storm, coming out of the storm, or going into the storm. This life is full of circumstances that can often make us feel like our season is dark and dreary. However, I am thankful that when reality is difficult, our faith can see beyond all of it. Our perspective is never to be on the storm, but rather on the Savior.

In Hebrews 11, we have the great faith chapter which is full of accounts of those who lived by faith. Whether facing trying circumstances or a tough decision, there are many principles taught in this chapter that can encourage us to live by faith while facing reality. I would like to share three of them today:

  1. Obey in the known and trust God for the unknown - verse 8. Here we have one of the more familiar accounts of a life of faith. Abraham was facing an interesting situation. God had called him out of his homeland to a place that he had not been told of yet. Could you imagine making a major decision without knowing all of the details yet? Abraham did ... and not because he was sure of what would happen. Instead, he simply obeyed as the Lord commanded and trusted Him to fill in the details. Reality would tell us to stop and wait for all the things to line up before deciding, but faith is not in the details. Faith is in God! I am not sure what storm or decision you are facing, but I promise you that faith obeys God in the known and trusts Him for the unknown. Be faithful in that which you know to do and God will provide the guidance you need.
  2. Our lives affect others; live by faith so they can benefit - verses 17, 18. After making the decision to leave the comforts and securities of home, Abraham was later faced with another major decision ... whether or not to offer his son, Isaac, as a sacrifice. Either way, his decision would affect others. Could you imagine if he had gone through with it and came home without his son? Have you ever thought about Isaac's thought process in all of this? The Bible says that Abraham "offered up Isaac." We know that he did not do so physically, but his heart was already committed to the Lord in doing so. He trusted, by faith, that God would keep His promise. God blessed his faithfulness and fulfilled His promise. Remember: No matter what you are facing, others are watching and will be affected. Live by faith so others can see God through it all.
  3. Choose what is best over what is good - verses 24, 25, 26. In these three verses, we have the account of Moses deciding it was better to reject what was comfortable, good, and convenient for what was needed. Think about it ... he was, at one time, a great prince in Egypt. He had everything! Wealth, reputation, comfort ... those things, and so much more, were at his disposal. Yet he recognized that God had something different in store for him. He chose Christ over comfort. He chose the people of Israel over the palaces of Egypt. As we all face decisions, there are many factors that affect us. As people watch us, they may be thinking that we are crazy for giving up what is comfortable and convenient for something different. But we must remind ourselves that "... without faith it is impossible to please him: ..." - verse 6. God does not want us to decide things based on our situation, but rather on our faith in Him. When we choose the best He has over the good we currently have, we allow God more opportunity to be seen greater in and through us. That really is the point anyway.

I want to encourage you today that when facing reality, make sure you live by faith. Study this great chapter out and ask God to increase your faith.


Written by Kenn Winn
December 18, 2019