Like you, I love my Bible for many reasons. I am reminded of some of those reasons when I open it to the very first page of my First Word Bible printed by Bearing Precious Seed.

First, it is the Holy Bible. It is the Book that is separated from all other books because of the Author and the Message.

Secondly, I love it because I can open it, read it, and understand it in my own language. I can understand what God is trying to communicate to me and I can be confident that the text is accurate.

Thirdly, I love that is was taken care of through God's people - the way He intended it to be - and that it was published through a local church printing ministry.

Finally, I love my particular Bible because it has the name and picture of my local church that I am a part of - First Baptist Church of Milford, Ohio. What a tremendous blessing and a very unique responsibility our church has been given to print the Word of God! How many people can say that about their local church?

I'm very excited for the privilege our church has to participate in Scripture Work Week which begins this Sunday. We have an incredible opportunity to get the people in the northeast part of India the Word of God in their language. We will be assembling 50,000 Thadou John and Romans in the Fellowship Hall for the first time ever. These will be going on a container to compliment the 11,000 Thadou whole Bibles and 20,000 Thadou New Testaments that will be presented to the people of India this fall. This is a translation project that has been funded by our very own ministry, firstBible International. You also will have the opportunity to help bind and hardback Thadou whole Bibles in our Print Shop next week and be a part of getting someone their first Bible.

After the Thadou John and Romans are completed in the Fellowship Hall, we will be assembling 80,000 books of John in a Mandarin Chinese/English parallel format. These will be going to a missionary in Korea who is ministering to Chinese coming into Korea. Only the Lord knows how these will be used. It's exciting to think about people getting saved in Korea and then one day taking the gospel back to China!

Our church theme for this year is Continue in the Word. I pray that you not only continue in your personal walk with the Lord and with your family, but that we continue in what God has been doing here through this local body of believers for almost 47 years. My desire next week is to see those who have been faithful for many years attend Scripture Work Week and for young people to participate and then continue on with what God is doing through First Baptist Church - getting God's Word to people all around the world!

John 8:31-32, "... If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Written by Chad Robinson
February 12, 2020