The past year seemed to fly by for me. I'm excited about the new year! I love the new opportunities that a new year brings with it. However, there can be a tendency to head into a new year with trepidations. You may be frustrated by the fact that you didn't accomplish what your intentions were last year. Or you may be overwhelmed by what you feel we have to achieve this new year.

I'm all for setting realistic goals in a new year and desiring to achieve and accomplish something new and exciting. But I fear that often our desire "to do" supersedes our will "to be." And those desires to accomplish can be crushing if we seek to live our lives always needing to accomplish the next thing in order to find fulfillment.

Galatians 5:22-23 gives us the fruit that the Spirit produces in our lives when we are walking with and submitting to Him. I desire these attributes in my life. They are things that I desire to be and then live out. I need to be loving, joyful, and peaceful. I can't just force these things on and off when I need them - I can try, but it will eventually wear me down from putting on the show. I must be these things and then serve God out of them.

I'm a thing-doer. I have to be intentional about setting down my work. I can easily overemphasize what tasks I need to accomplish and forget about what I am to be for Christ. Even in doing things for God, I can easily get caught up in the doing of the task and forget about the why behind the task - pleasing God.

One of my prayers for this year is that I focus more on being what God wants me to be instead of just doing what God wants me to do. If I am what I am supposed to be, I'll do what I'm supposed to do. I personally want to spend more time with my Savior, allowing His Holy Spirit to grow me into what I am supposed to be and serve Him out of that growth.


Written by Corey Knopf
January 1, 2020