In reading I Chronicles 28, I came across a word used four times in this chapter; only thirteen times in the entire Bible, but four times here. This word is found in verses 11, 12, 18, and 19 and it is the word "pattern".

What is your first thought when you read the word "pattern"? I thought of an example, a guide, or even a model. A lady might think of a pattern to follow as she sews an article of clothing. Whatever the word we think of, I see God showing David the pattern (blueprint) for the new temple. I see David saying to his son, Solomon: "God gave these to me, to give to you, as you accomplish the building of the temple for Him!"

I also thought of these patterns:

  • The Romans Road is a specific set of verses to show someone their need for Christ, what He has done for them, and how to accept Him.
  • I thought of David Corn's message on Sunday night, September 8, on how to become a fake. This pattern is not one we would want to follow; it just shows a path or pattern that, all too often, tends to happen even to God's children. He set forth four or five steps that were evident in Saul's life that ended in him being a fake. This sermon is on our website, under the archives, at It is worth listening to.
  • I thought of the outline from our series in the book of Philippians:
    Chapter 1 - A single mind.
    Chapter 2 - A submissive mind.
    Chapter 3 - A spiritual mind.
    Chapter 4 - A secure mind (our desired outcome).

A pattern is steps to follow. God has laid them out, obviously and often, in scripture. Please take time to read His Word today and spend some time with Him. He's worthy!

Have a great and safe day in the Lord! We have had a very busy September with our Community Impact Week and our Global Impact Week (Missions Conference). I am excited and anticipate what God has in store for us, His church, in these final months of 2019.


Written by Dr. Bill Duttry
September 25, 2019