Mark 11:1-7

Years ago, as a youth minister, I heard a message directed to young people regarding the colt of Mark 11. I cannot remember the point, the lesson, or anything about the application of the message, but I have always marveled at the text. There are several things regarding the Lord's work that we read here.

We see the Marvel of God's Calling in verses 1-3. I marvel at the precision of God's calling. When God calls one to use in His service, He is aware of all the circumstances surrounding the time, place, and object of His call. He knew exactly what colt He wanted to enlist in His service. In a certain village, a colt is tied in the right place and in the right time.

Further, I am amazed at the Provision of God's Calling in verse 2. This is a colt "... whereon never man sat; ..." The marvel of God's provision is that this colt is untried, untrained, unbroken, and untested. It had never grown accustomed to the direction and domination of man. It was set apart for solitary use by the Lord Jesus. We wonder at the usefulness of a colt untrained by man. How could he be of service to the Master? The colt of His choosing was a colt not necessarily valued by its former owner.

I am amazed by the Privilege of His Calling in verse 7, "... he sat upon him." This little colt was "... meet for the master's use, ... " (2 Timothy 2:21). No greater honor or privilege can be known than to be enlisted in the service of the King. The Lord Jesus not only saw the colt tied, He saw him loosed. The call of God rests on the shoulders of every child. God help us to learn the lesson of the tied colt and surrender to the call of God gratefully.

Now in this story, we do not glorify the donkey; we sing Hosanna to the King. However, without the donkey, we have no story. The donkey was there simply because the Lord had need of him; but praise the Lord, he was there doing the only thing donkeys know how to do. Often we are guilty of wondering why we have been called to get the donkey, or be the donkey, for that matter. It is easy for pride to rob us of the opportunity to bring glory to our Lord. Sometimes we need to be willing to do what seems to be beneath our calling. At other times, all we have to do is be willing to be loosed, lead, brought to Jesus, and pressed into His service.


Written by David Martin
BSWE - Instructor
September 4, 2019