Sunday Bible Studies

Bible study is an essential part of our growth as we strive to follow Jesus. That is why at 9:00 AM each Sunday, we have Bible studies for people of all stages of life (children, teens, and adults) happening all across our church campus. The adult Bible study is specifically formatted to help us each grow closer to God and closer to each other.
Adult Bible Study utilizes a 13-week semester format. The classes of adult Bible study will alternate between semesters that are called GrowthGroups and LifeGroups.
GrowthGroups are adult Bible study classes that are based on specific Bible topics. Every semester of GrowthGroups offers new opportunities to study the Bible in small groups. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for you to receive balanced Biblical instruction from God’s Word. Classes are open for you to choose which subject you would like to learn more about, and you will get the opportunity to pick a new topic and class to attend each semester that GrowthGroups meet.
LifeGroups are adult Bible study classes that are based on an individual’s life stage. Each semester of LifeGroups you will have two to three classes that you can choose from to attend, based on your age/stage of life. These groups will help us care for one another and will give you the opportunity to build deep, lasting relationships with other people in our church.