FBC was started as a result of a tent revival in 1956, and has been growing ever since. Pastor Carl Broughton started the church that year and had no idea how God was going to use this new ministry. In 1958, after the church was incorporated, Pastor Broughton left Milford to pastor a church in a different state. Pastor Charles Hatt then accepted the pastorate in 1958 and helped develop the church building which was in the Five Points area of Milford. In 1961, Glenn Stockton became the pastor, and under his leadership many were saved and a new church auditorium was built. In 1964, a young Charles Keen candidated for pastor and was voted in by a church which realized his potential.
Under Dr. Keen's leadership the church thrived in growth. In 1973 Bearing Precious Seed was started for the purpose of reaching the world with the Scriptures. Also in 1973, Milford Christian Academy was started and is still reaching the lives of preschoolers through the 12th grade. In 1985, FBC moved to its current location on Woodville Pike joining its other ministries Milford Christian Academy and Bearing Precious Seed. 1999 was a transitional year for First Baptist. After 35 years as the Senior Pastor, Dr. Keen sensed that it was time to move on and Bill Duttry became the senior pastor. Under Pastor Duttry's leadership and vision, FBC and all of its related ministries have been strengthened and challenged to accomplish as much as possible for the work of God. 2004 was a highlight year, in which 400 church members committed to Operation Harvest. In 2006, during Operation Harvest, the members of FBC actually went out on the mission field and served in small groups in 17 foreign countries. FBC is definitely thankful for all that has been done in the past, but we look forward to pursuing the future by exalting Christ with you and your family!