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Adult Bible Study

We would like to invite you to join us during our Adult Bible Study hour at First Baptist Church of Milford. The classes start every Sunday morning at 8:45 AM and are conveniently scheduled right before our morning worship service which starts at 10:05 AM. The small group Bible Study classes at First Baptist Church of Milford are truly the best way to connect with others in your age group. It is our desire that through studying the Word of God during the Bible Study hour, that your relationship with God, your family, and with others will be strengthened by learning the principles of Scripture.

  • Ladies for Victory

    For ladies ages 30 & up - Taught by Karen Guiton


    For ladies ages 50 & up - Taught by Beth Smyth
  • Reclaiming Men for Christ

    For men ages 24 & up - Taught by Joe Landock

    Deaf Class

    Taught by David Mundell
  • Common Ground & One Accord

    For singles 18 & up - Taught by Kenn WInn
  • Heart to Heart

    For couples up to age 30 Taught by Michael Goodson
  • Adults 31 years old & up

    Building Faithful Families/RU Bible Study

    Taught by Kelly Shadwick

    Growing in Grace

    Taught by Don Stewart

    Berean Class

    Taught by Frank McNeill

    Timothy Class

    Taught by Doug Forkner
  • Ages 55 & up


    Taught by Wayne Fox


    Taught by Mike Kelly

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